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Doing well at doing good: Why there’s more to giving than checkbook philanthropy

October 22, 2014

Survey findings Virtually everyone gives—but few believe their giving is effective Women and men approach giving differently Millennials are redefining philanthropy Thoughtful planning drives confidence in giving Most investors happily embrace—and act on—the impulse to give back. But a survey of high net worth investors reveals a common thread of uncertainty about the effectiveness of  Read More »

how america gives

How America Gives

October 9, 2014

As Wealthy Give Smaller Share of Income to Charity, Middle Class Digs Deeper Using the IRS data, The Chronicle was able to track gifts to charity at the state, county, metropolitan-area, and ZIP code levels. The data were for gifts to charity among taxpayers who itemize deductions on their tax forms. It captured $180-billion that  Read More »

the arizona prize

ACF introduces The New Arizona Prize

August 15, 2014

The Arizona Community Foundation, in partnership with Republic Media and Morrison Institute for Public Policy, is pleased to announce The New Arizona Prize—a philanthropic prize competition aimed at creating the Arizona of tomorrow: a state where innovation thrives, where ingenuity is supported and where the best thinking is harnessed to create long-term, positive solutions to  Read More »

Gifts to Yarnell Hill Fire Funds Total $1.2 Million

July 1, 2014

More than $1.2 million has been contributed to the Arizona Community Foundation’s Yarnell Disaster Relief Fund and Yarnell Memorial Scholarship Endowment by individuals, donor funds of ACF and its affiliated Yavapai County Community Foundation, private foundations, and businesses. To date, gifts to the Yarnell Disaster Relief Fund total about $750,000. Major contributors include the Nina  Read More »


Giving USA 2014 Report Highlights

June 17, 2014

Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy is the seminal publication reporting on the sources and uses of charitable giving in the United States. For 59 years, fundraisers, nonprofit leaders, donors and volunteers, scholars, and other individuals who work in or with the charitable sector have counted on Giving USA to provide the most comprehensive  Read More »