2012 Arizona Giving Report
The 2012 Giving Report was built in collaboration between the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and the Arizona Grantmakers Forum. This online, interactive knowledge repository and research tool contains an in-depth analysis of grantmaking organizations. It reports on the revenues and assets of nonprofit organizations across Arizona. It also includes an analysis of charitable giving and volunteering practices in the state.

The Charitable Deduction in Arizona
See what Arizonans give and what the effects of the Charitable Giving Deduction have in our state.

How Can Philanthropy Partner with Government?
In February 2013, Arizona Grantmakers compiled various examples from our members of how the nonprofit sector has partnered with the public sector to produce results.

Moving the Dial: Arizona Grantmakers and Public Policy
This report outlines why public policy engagement is so important and how grantmakers can participate in an array of public policy activities. It describes legal restrictions and other barriers and how they may be overcome. This report also gives examples of Arizona funders who are engaged in relevant, impactful public policy work.

Aging in Arizona: A Summary of Grantmaker Perspectives
In February 2013, the research and conclusions of focus groups and interviews with funders as a part of the EngAGEment Initiative were compiled in a report authored by Carolyn Holmes, PhD., Arizona Grantmakers’ independent research consultant. This unique report examines Arizona-based funders and their perceptions on ways to improve our communities to better support people of all ages.

Arizona Grantmakers Forum’s Business Giving Workbook
A guide to corporate philanthropy researched and developed by AGF for small business. Learn how corporate volunteerism and giving helps you reach the bottom line.