Arizona Grantmakers Forum members work to strengthen the field of philanthropy and increase its effectiveness for the well-being of the broader community. To that end, Arizona grantmakers are committed to standards of excellence in all areas of grantmaking practice, organizational management, ethics, communications and governance.

As Arizona Grantmakers members, we endorse the following principles of grantmaking:

  • to deal respectfully with applicants, grantees, peers and members of the general public;
  • to be accessible and to respond clearly, promptly and as fairly as possible to requests from the community;
  • to make readily available basic information about our programs, funding priorities and application requirements;
  • to respect the confidentiality of applicants, grantees and peers and to use discretion in communications with others about specific organizations and individuals;
  • to be thoughtful and purposeful in our grantmaking and to periodically review and evaluate our respective missions, priorities, policies and practices;
  • to recognize the cultural diversity of the communities we serve and, within the limits of our individual charters, to seek to reflect this diversity in our work;
  • to adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and to maintain an appropriate conflict of interest policy for staff and board members;
  • to understand and fulfill our fiduciary and legal responsibilities.