The BUILD Initiative & Opportunities for Funders

March 28, 2013
Location: Arizona Community Foundation

BUILD is a national initiative created in 2002 by the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, a consortium of private foundations. The BUILD Initiative supports state efforts to construct comprehensive early childhood development systems with coordinated, effective policies that address children’s health, mental health and nutrition, early care and education, family support and parenting programs and services for children with special needs. These coordinated systems prepare young children ages birth to five for a successful future, including school readiness. Ultimately, BUILD serves as a catalyst for change and a national resource on early childhood development and policy.

Presenters shared the background on the rationale and purpose of the BUILD Initiative, provide an overview of its components and outlined opportunities for funders to get involved.

Karen J. Ortiz, Ph.D., Vice President and Program Director of Early Childhood Education, Helios Education Foundation

Brian Spicker, Senior Vice President of Community Impact, Valley of the Sun United Way

Handout – BUILD Arizona
Handout – Arizona State Profile
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