Supporting Nonprofit Financial Sustainability for Greater Impact

November 13, 2012

This half day session was presented by Grantmakers for Effective Organization’sScaling What Works initiative, in partnership with Arizona Grantmakers Forum.

Healthy and financially sound nonprofit organizations are a critical precursor to growing impact. Yet nonprofits and their funders have fewer resources and feel increased pressure to deliver results. So, how can grantmakers help nonprofits generate more impact? By aligning grant dollars to the financial and business needs of nonprofit organizations, grantmakers can better support nonprofit financial sustainability and leverage their limited resources to achieve better and more results. It is critical that grantmakers have the ability to assess the financial health and condition of the organizations they are looking to support. This workshop delivered by Nonprofit Finance Fund provided tools to guide grantmakers in their financial assessments of grantees and familiarized participants with fundamental principles of finance in the nonprofit sector. Participants also exploredengaging in dialogue with grantees about financial challenges and resource needs and discussed grantmaking practices that can unintentionally hinder nonprofit effectiveness.

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