Steering Clear of Trouble: What Every Grantmaker Should Know About Conflicts of Interest, Digital Documentation and Liability


Couldn’t make it to the program? View Kendis and Steve’s Powerpoint Presentation and other program materials:

Steering Clear of Trouble Powerpoint

Information Security Risk Self-Assessment

Differences Between Information Governance and Records Management

Conflict of Interest Policy

Sample Retention Policy

Making-A-Business-Meeting-EffectiveThis workshop is packed with information that every grantmaker and their trustees need to know about three common policies and practices that can lead to trouble. Attendees will hear from experts in each of these areas and will be able to walk away with enough information to bring to their board and staff to encourage new considerations about current policies or even possible training. We also invite attendees to bring their board members to this session.

Kendis Muscheid of Fennemore Craig and Steve Davis of WGM Associates will join us as panelists to share their expertise in:

  •          Addressing conflicts of interest situations
  •          Understanding the ins and outs of D&O insurance
  •          Managing digital document retention policies