Read On Arizona: Why Literacy Matters No Matter Who You Fund

Part 1: Terri Clark Part 2: Partners Part 3: Question & Answer

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We met on February 24, 2015 to learn more about Read On Arizona and its new tool, “Developing A Thriving Reader From the Early Years.” This clear and comprehensive tool can be used to help guide funding opportunities that create a deeper and stronger alignment to Arizona’s critical goals to improve language and literacy outcomes for all children from birth through age eight.

Target Audiences:
Education funders interested in building capacity around the literacy system, who might use the tool to guide funding decisions or steer potential grantees towards evidence-based practices.

Non-education funders (health, economic development, etc.) interested in understanding how they can support the development of the literacy continuum and what they can do to infuse literacy into their own priorities and strategies.

Featured Speaker:
Terri Clark, Arizona Literacy Director

Representatives from the founding organizations were present to share their perspectives and answer any questions.