Networking With Impact




In anticipation of fall conferences and events, many of us plan to attend an array of functions with networking opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned small-talker or a networking newbie, you may often wonder:


  • How can I best use these opportunities not only to meet people, but to turn these interactions into meaningful connections?
  • What are some tips on working a room when I’m attending an event alone?
  • What are pointers for introverts versus extroverts when initiating conversation?
  • Are there insights on timing, appearance, body language, room dynamics, etc.?

Tom Franz, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Leadership, will lead our discussion to answer these questions and guide us in practicing what we learn. The Greater Phoenix Leadership provides the executive forum through which corporate leadership can effectively and efficiently collaborate with the public sector and non-profit organizations to establish and sustain a safe, healthy and prosperous community. In his role as CEO, Tom convenes some of the most prominent business professionals in the Valley and is well versed in navigating a number of social and professional settings.

Registration required. This program is only open to funders.