How to Talk to Your Board About Advocacy


woman-board-meetingFunders and nonprofits are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of engaging in public policy/advocacy work to advance their agendas.  According to a 2010 report, greater involvement by nonprofit groups in advocacy and will require support from organizations’ boards of directors. “Board members may be reluctant to engage in advocacy efforts because of perceived conflicts of interest, a misunderstanding of the laws and regulations governing advocacy involvement of nonprofits, political pressures and inclinations, or a desire not to alienate funders.”  (Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project)

Our presenters Kendis Muscheid, Director, Fennemore Craig; Kevin Moran, Chair, Valley of the Sun United Way Public Policy and Advocacy Committee; and Emily Jenkins, CEO, Arizona Council of Human Services Providers each shared from his and her own unique perspectives. Presentations included information about the legal framework needed to support policy work as well as powerful examples from nonprofits that have successfully engaged board members in public policy and advocacy strategies to achieve impressive results.

Program Materials

Moving the Dial – Public Policy Program (Kendis Muscheid)

Arizona Council of Human Service Providers (Emily Jenkins)

Stand for Your Mission – Discussion Guide

Videos of Presentations on YouTube