Expanding Philanthropy’s Toolbox with Impact Investing

9769391d5550d1b38fad44921a75b22f 2Impact investing is one of the newest tools that philanthropic organizations can use to achieve meaningful social impact. In fact, it’s so new that many foundations and giving programs are still unclear about how they can align capital with their organization’s mission to drive social change. AGF members heard from Norman E. Nabhan, institutional consulting director of Graystone Consulting at Morgan Stanley, who presented the nuts and bolts of investing for meaningful and measurable impact, how to approach it, common questions and more.

At this informative session AGF members learned:

  • Impact Investing Terminology and Framework
  • Institutional Trends in Impact Investing
  • Fiduciary Responsibility: Myth vs. Reality
  • Defining Impact Objectives and Getting Started

Registration was required. This program was only open to AGF members.