Education Funders Affinity Group meeting – Arizona Move On When Ready Initiative

October 4, 2012
Location: Arizona Community Foundation

The Arizona Move on When Ready Initiative was created in response to the K-12 academic readiness issues facing Arizona’s children and a state need to increase the number of students able to access and complete postsecondary education. Legislation was signed into law in May 2010 which produced a framework for an education model that enables students to advance in their educational career based on demonstrated learning instead of seat time.

The Center for the Future of Arizona is leading the Move on When Ready initiative. Selected to manage and oversee the effort by the Arizona State Board of Education, the Center is working with interested schools to plan for and implement the Move On When Ready Model. With support from the Helios Education Foundation, the Center is working with thirty schools in Arizona, including all six schools in the Yuma Union High School District, to implement the model.

This session provided AGF members the opportunity to learn more about this individualized performance based approach to education and its potential impact on improving education nationally.


  • Dr. Sybil Francis, Executive Director, Center for the Future of Arizona
  • Dr. Amanda Burke, Director of Education Strategy and Innovation, Center for the Future of Arizona

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