Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement

August 20, 2013
Location: US Airways

A comprehensive corporate philanthropy strategy has many moving parts that can impact an organization’s bottom line – including an engaged workforce. FedEx’s Director of Citizenship and Reputation, Cindy Conner, will share the innovative programs and strategies that FedEx uses to engage its 300,000 team members throughout 220 countries and territories and how that fits into their broader corporate philanthropy strategy. She will discuss the progression and evolution of FedEx’s philanthropic programs over time, including the greatest successes and lessons learned.

We will discuss:
° What information you need to make the case to create or enrich an existing employee engagement strategy.
° Best practices to strategically build philanthropy and employee engagement programs to directly benefit the company.
° How companies can measure the impact that employee engagement and philanthropic programs have on desired business outcomes.
° How FedEx collaborates with other corporate/foundation funders on programs and initiatives.

Featured Speaker:
Cindy Conner
Director, Citizenship and Reputation

Thank you to US Airways and SRP for sponsoring this program!