Coffee Talk: Creating a Personal Leadership Development Plan


coffee talksMost of us have pursued some kind of professional development with the goal of achieving the next level of mastery along our chosen career path. But how much planning have you done for personal leadership development? A personal leadership development plan serves as a reference point or compass for your personal growth and learning. It is the link that can marry your professional skills with your career goals. Join us for an AGF Professional Development Affinity Group Coffee Talk to explore building your own leadership development plan. If you already have one, this is a great opportunity to update it with some fresh ideas. We also invite participants to share experiences and resources that have enriched their own leadership development.

Attendees kicked off off the discussion by doing a brief leadership skills assessment.
Then they discussed building a leadership development plan including a personal mission statement, personal and community resources and identify some leadership skills that are specific to foundation staff.

Two of the articles discussed at this Coffee Talk were:
Throw Your Old Plan Away_ 6 New Ways To Build Leadership Development Into Your Job – Forbes (

AMA Playbook Assess Your Leadership Skills – AMA Playbook (Great Leadership)


This was the third stop on the Le Tour des Foundations.

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