Your Vote is Your Voice: Make Your Voice Heard by Voting in the Aug. 30 Primary Elections

Early voting in the Aug. 30 Arizona primary elections is underway. Because the vast majority of our state legislative districts are heavily dominated by one political party or another, most legislative races will be determined by the outcome of the primary, rather than the general, elections.

Arizona Grantmakers Forum strongly encourages civic participation, and we urge all members to exercise your right to vote in the primaries. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, AGF does not endorse candidates for elective office. Our role is to provide members with resources that inform your decisions. In that spirit, we’re pleased to provide the following information about the candidates, how and where to vote and more.

Consistent with our 2016 Public Policy Agenda, AGF supported four bills during this year’s legislative session. To learn how incumbent lawmakers running for Arizona House of Representatives and Senate seats voted on these key measures, click here.