Post-Election Resources for Philanthropy

The ballots are in and voters have spoken. No matter how you voted last week, it’s clear that big changes are coming for philanthropy and the people and programs we support.

To arm you with facts that will inform your work in 2017, Arizona Grantmakers Forum will host educational programs on topics ranging from President-elect Donald Trump’s tax plan and its impact on charitable giving to proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act and more. Please watch your inboxes for details in the coming weeks!

Beyond its policy implications, the 2016 election also revealed stark divisions among Americans. The Arizona Grantmakers Forum board of directors and team believe that philanthropy has a critical leadership role to play in bridging those divides.

Guided by our values—Integrity, Collaboration, Community Stewardship, Diversity & Inclusion and Transparency—and our vision of a vibrant Arizona where all people thrive, AGF will lead important conversations that seek to deepen understanding and strengthen our communities.

Working together, we will be a powerful force for positive change.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to share the following post-election resources, news items and programming. We encourage to you help us grow this list, so please send your suggestions and questions to

Policy Impact

Philanthropy’s Response



  • NOV. 21 WEBINAR – Trump’s Presidency and the New Congress- What the Future Holds for Immigrants and Refugees– Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees and partners hosted a webinar on Monday, Nov. 21. It grounded funders in the immediate concerns facing immigrant and refugee communities, provided early analyses of the policy and political landscape including the new Congress and offered a preview of plans to protect due process and fundamental rights at the local, state and federal level.

Additional Resources