1. Take creative “countdown” pictures for the days leading up to Arizona Gives day involving your mission – i.e. “5 Days until Arizona Gives Day”
  2. Promote open houses or tours on Arizona Gives Day for donors to see how their donations help.
  3. Ask a local restaurant if you can host an Arizona Gives Day party – bring a laptop, and encourage your supporters to come by and make their donations in person – and bring a friend!
  4. Wear a AZ Gives Day sticker every day the week before. – Info about printed materials
  5. Do you have a volunteer who is passionate about your cause, has basic experience using social media or email, and would be willing to get involved? Ask them to be a part of your Arizona Gives Day team and help prepare for the event, or create their own “fundraiser” page on Razoo. Example: http://www.razoo.com/story/Phenomenal-Philanthopists
  6. Ask your current donors to make their regular pledge or planned gift on Arizona Gives Day. Although you may “lose” a percentage of the gift to the processing fee, there are additional benefits that will make the gift go farther.
  7. Remind everyone you speak with that week that it’s Arizona Gives Day.
  8. Make a fun goal and reward for your staff.
  9. Ask your beneficiaries or volunteers to tape a short video asking for donations. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms3xADAULkw
  10. Highlight the simplicity of setting a monthly reoccurring gift using Razoo.
  11. Be creative with your mission – what do your supporters love? How can you make it fun on Arizona Gives Day? Improv-a-thon, recycling drive, etc.
  12. Collaborate with other nonprofits: “Donors who give to all 3 of our partners #foodbank #library #school” will be entered in a drawing for a prize”
  13. Ask supporters to not only make donations, but share a story or memory associated with your mission and tag your twitter or Facebook page.
  14. Give away prizes on your social media and Razoo “Everyone who donates on April 9 will be entered to win basketball tickets”
  15. Make a countdown clock and hang it in your office.
  16. Create a Facebook event for Arizona Gives Day and invite your fans and supporters.
  17. Think of 5 influencers in your community (elected officials, local celebrities, bloggers, prominent business owners, student leaders, etc.) and ask them to Tweet, Facebook, and share Arizona Gives Day!
  18. The week before ask a local restaurant to host a percentage night for the nonprofit and have the restaurant donate the amount raised on April 9.
  19. Place postcards or flyers in your lobby or thrift store, or anywhere your stakeholders and participants are able to pick them up.
  20. Submit your photo or video to our challenge by March 28 so that we can share it in the days leading up to Arizona Gives Day!

What are YOU doing for Arizona Gives Day? Share your ideas on Facebook to connect with fellow nonprofits!