Download our membership application here.

Eligible members include:

  • Any foundation, corporation, governmental agency or individual with a formal grantmaking program
  • Any trust
  • Any endowed community foundation
  • Any individual contributing a minimum of $25,000 annually to charity

Membership dues are calculated based on total philanthropic expenditures made in Arizona during your last fiscal year.

Total Philanthropic Expenditures in AZ in Last Fiscal Year*     **2020 Dues**
Less than $50,000                                                                                $620
$50,000-$100,000                                                                                 $775
$100,001- $250,000                                                                              $1,085
$250,001-$1,000,000                                                                            $1,550
$1,000,001-$5,000,000                                                                         $3,100
Greater than $5,000,000                                                                      $8,060
Public Sector/Tribal Members                                                            $500

*Please note: To better represent the diverse nature of our grantmaking members, membership categories are based on the greater of philanthropic expenditures (grants plus other direct program expenditures) or 5% of total assets. Call us with any questions regarding dues.

Dues are based on the calendar year and may be pro-rated for members joining during the year.

We welcome your inquiries. Please contact Kalisha Bass at 602-845-1360 or