January 2017


Our survey says: members value AGF as ‘go-to place’ for shared-learning, networking

Each new year dawns with the chance to take stock of where we are and focus anew on where we are headed. At Arizona Grantmakers Forum, we began 2017 armed with helpful insights from our most prized resource – you!

Results from our December 2016 Membership Satisfaction Survey reveal AGF is making strides as we tackle a key goal included in our 2016–2018 strategic plan: enhance member value.

Members’ overall satisfaction with AGF rose to 4.4 out of 5.0, up from the 4.2 rating given in April 2016. And 100 percent of respondents to the December survey stated they would recommend AGF to a colleague, a slight improvement over the 96.7 percent earlier in the year.

An overwhelming majority of respondents to both surveys (90 percent in December; 96.7 percent in April) rate “the opportunity to learn and network with other grantmakers” as the member benefit they most value.

“AGF has been a go-to place for my professional development, especially when it comes to local issues,” said one member.

The AGF board of directors and team welcome members’ thoughtful feedback as we explore new ways to enhance the value of membership in 2017. Surveys, however, offer a limited window into what truly motivates philanthropic leaders to join AGF and what compels them to renew their membership year after year. And response rates—nearly 17 percent in April and 17.5 percent in December—were lower than we would like.

That’s why the AGF board last November directed us to launch a new initiative we’re calling the Member Value Project. As I shared in the most recent CEO Message, this year we’ll invest dedicated resources to engage current, former and prospective members in a series of thoughtful conversations about what funders really want from their regional association.

We’re excited about what we’ll learn from you and how—together—we can strengthen AGF in pursuit of our mission to empower members to transform Arizona through leadership and meaningful philanthropy.

In the meantime, click here to see the full results of both surveys.

Happy New Year!


President and Chief Executive Officer