The Courage to Change: A Workshop Series for Philanthropy Leaders & Trustees


A Workshop Series for Philanthropic Leaders & Trustees

Co-hosted by Arizona Community Foundation, Arizona Grantmakers Forum,
SVP Arizona, Thunderbirds Charities and Vitalyst Health Foundation

The sense that the United States is changing is more than a feeling. Within the next few decades, no single racial or ethnic population will be the majority in the U.S., based on recent findings from the Pew Research Center. As we look to a more diverse future, what role will the philanthropic community play to ensure equitable and inclusive treatment for all, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status?

Arizona Grantmakers Forum’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Affinity Group hosted a highly interactive workshop series where we examined the causes of and barriers to challenging systemic oppression and identified strategies to toward accomplishing meaningful social transformation. Facilitated by Luke Black of Marigold Consulting, this three-part series was designed for philanthropy CEOs, senior-level executives and trustees who are ready to move beyond fear and discomfort and invoke the courage to change the reality of racial, gender and socioeconomic inequity in Arizona.

To encourage open dialogue about sensitive subjects, this series will not be available via teleconference, live stream or video recording.

Workshop Schedule

Session One: How Did We Get Here?/No Win Options
Friday, April 13 | 1 – 4 p.m. | Anchor Centre Tenant Classroom (22nd Street and Camelback Road)
In this session, we briefly examined how historic factors, such as racism, have created system-wide inequities. We also will examine the barriers that prevent nonprofits from challenging systemic oppression.

Session Two: Centering the Margins/Strategies for Transformation
Friday, May 4 | 1 – 4 p.m. | Arizona Community Foundation (22nd Street and Camelback Road)
In this session, we dove into a new understanding of how systems change can be accomplished through intentional practices that center those most impacted. We also discussed new strategies for working together and partnering with community groups to build an equitable and just future.

Session Three: What’s Our Plan?
Friday, June  8 | 1 – 4 p.m. | Arizona Community Foundation (22nd Street and Camelback Road)
In the final session, we developed steps together for moving forward as active participants in social transformation.

About the Facilitator

Luke Black is a community organizer and consultant whose work focuses on practices of social justice, equity and systemic transformation. Luke works to create spaces for organizations to explore and implement new practices that center those who are most impacted by inequity and oppression and increase opportunities for participants to be meaningfully involved in systems change. Luke holds a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University and a Master of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University. He has called Phoenix, Arizona home since 2004.