Collaborative Funding: The Power of Strategic Partnerships


As funders, we all want to have an impact, to make a difference.  Concepts like “collective impact,” “collaboration”  and “strategic partnerships” appear in every article and every conference, representing the new best thinking on how to accomplish real systems change. Yet, often our own grantmaking constraints work at cross purposes to this goal.

During this program we will highlight two funders who have had significant success with collaborative funding initiatives:

  • Ann Lovell, President of the David and Lura Lovell Foundation, will discuss some of the challenges and successes of funders coming together to create change at a national and international level.
  • Brian Spicker, Senior Vice President of Valley of the Sun United Way, will discuss some of the vitally important cross-sector work that United Way is involved in to address hunger and homelessness in Maricopa County.

Come with your own successes and challenges to share with other Arizona grantmakers.

Registration is required. This program is only open to funders.