We support public policies that contribute to a sound economy, promote economic well-being and quality of life for all residents, protect vulnerable populations and encourage civic engagement. And while Arizona’s philanthropic sector invests significant resources to improve our communities, our role is to supplement and not supplant state and local funding for education and human services. In that spirit, AGF encourages policymakers to engage philanthropic leaders and grantmakers as partners in addressing public policy issues.

The following policy principles guide our leadership in the public policy arena:

  • AGF favors public policies that promote philanthropy, encourage charitable giving and advance the nonprofit sector
  • AGF supports legislative and regulatory policies that enhance the ability of philanthropies to carry out their charitable activities
  • AGF supports reasonable and effective public accountability of the philanthropic sector


AGF’s public policy agenda was informed in part by ongoing discussions among member philanthropic organizations, the nonprofit organizations they fund and the constituents they serve, and reflects issues we anticipate policymakers will likely consider in 2019. Priorities are equally weighted and broad-based, affecting many AGF members.

Priority 1: Stewardship of Arizona’s Resources

AGF supports state and federal fiscal policies that provide levels of resources for education, health and human services and public infrastructure that are necessary for Arizona’s long-term economic growth and quality of life. Priorities include:

Census 2020 – AGF supports federal and state policies that will ensure a fair and accurate 2020 census. We oppose the inclusion of the citizenship question and other policies that discourage census participation.

211 Funding – AGF supports state funding for the 211 telephone number to maximize efficiency and provide 24/7 access to information and referrals for health and human services.

Priority 2: Preserving and Strengthening Arizona’s Nonprofit & Philanthropic Community

Tax-Exempt Status – AGF supports the underlying exemption of nonprofit corporations from corporate income and property taxes at federal, state and local levels of government. AGF opposes the elimination of nonprofits’ tax-exempt status, as well as the imposition of fees on nonprofit corporations that have the effect of removing existing exemptions.

Charitable Giving – AGF supports tax policies that incentivize charitable giving. AGF supports
Arizona’s charitable organization tax credit to encourage significant community support for nonprofits serving the state’s most vulnerable populations. AGF supports federal and state tax policies that preserve the federal charitable deduction and make them available to all taxpayers. We oppose efforts to eliminate or limit such tax incentives that would reduce the level of contributed income for nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Nonpartisanship – AGF supports the Johnson Amendment, current federal law that
prohibits 501(c) (3) organizations from endorsing, opposing or contributing to political candidates and engaging in partisan campaign activities. AGF opposes proposals to repeal or weaken the prohibition.

Nonprofit Indirect Costs – AGF supports state and local government agencies’ compliance with the federal Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance on reimbursement of nonprofit grantees’ indirect costs.

Priority 3: Protecting Children’s Safety and Well-Being

AGF supports state policies that will safely reduce the numbers of children in foster care, including investments in prevention and in-home services and other efforts to strengthen families.

Priority 4: Investing in Education

AGF supports adequate and equitable funding for early childhood and K-12 education and policies that ensure that every Arizona child graduates from high school prepared for college and career. AGF supports investments in post-secondary education that ensure a well-prepared workforce to support Arizona’s long-term economic growth.

Priority 5: Preserving Health Care Coverage

AGF supports policies that preserve health care coverage, including for Arizona’s Medicaid expansion and KidsCare populations.

View AGF’s past public policy agendas below.