We asked, funders shared!

What is the most important thing you think nonprofits need to know about funders?

Reach out to us and discuss how we might partner.  If we have an understanding of what your needs are, we can either help guide you on how we might assist you in reaching your goals, or point you in the direction of others who might be helpful.

Most funders are more flexible than you think, but you need to find the right fit.

What is one bit of advice you’d offer nonprofits that would enhance their likelihood of receiving a grant from your organization?

It is important for you to be able to be clear on what you want to achieve and how you propose to achieve it.  The fact that a need exists is not reason enough for a funder to fund a project. They want to be clear on your strategy and the potential for success.
Get to know the funder and what they have contributed to in the past.

What is the most memorable/inspiring interaction you’ve ever had with a grantee?  

Great grantees are those who keep the funder engaged on their progress – both good and bad.  By learning together and helping the funder feel invested in your success, you build a meaningful partnership.