Board Resources

Terri Wogan CalderonTerri Wogan Calderón, Chair
Executive Director and Partner
Social Venture Partners Arizona

John AmorosoJohn Amoroso , Vice Chair & Treasurer
Executive Director
The David and Lura Lovell Foundation

Tanya Muñiz, Immediate Past Chair 
Chief Financial Officer
Valley of the Sun United Way

Liz Barker Alvarez
Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
First Things First

Mesha Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Arizona Foundation for Women


Erin Goodman
Program Officer
Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

Brad Halvorsen
Executive Vice President
Flinn Foundation

Terry Hines

Board Member
The Hopi Foundation

Michael_MendelMichael Mendel
Program Officer
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Andrea Moreno
Manager, Community Outreach
Salt River Project

Janice Palmer
Vice President, Policy
Helios Education Foundation



Suzanne Pfister
President & Chief Executive Officer
Vitalyst Health Foundation


Tina Marie Tentori
Director, Community Affairs
Arizona Public Service

Wendy Erica Werden
Manager of Community Investment and Philanthropy
Tucson Electric Power/UniSource Energy

Glenn Wike
Senior Philanthropic Advisor for Education
Arizona Community Foundation